In this article Java Environment we give the information about JDK, JVM and JRE in details. Java Development Kit contains tools needed to develop the Java programs, and JRE to run the programs.

Java Environment:

Java Environment

JDK (Java Development Kit):-

Here the full form of JDK is Java Development Kit. Which means that if the programmer wants to develop any type of application in Java environment, then he can use JDK. It is a combination of JVM, Java Library (API) and Development Tools.

Java Development Kit contains tools needed to develop the Java programs, and JRE to run the programs. The tools include compiler (javac.exe), Java application launcher (java.exe), Appletviewer, etc

Here, such commands are given in Development Tools, which are very important in developing any Java application.


JVM (Java Virtual Machine):-

The full form of JVM is Java Virtual Machine. JVM is a virtual machine that provides runtime environment.

java virtual machine

Java Virtual Machine converts the byte code into Native machine code and finally executes the Native machine code into Java program.

JVM executes the program and generates the output.

It is platform independent.

It performs following main tasks:

– Loads code

– Verifies code

-Executes code

– Provides runtime environment Libraries

JRE (Java runtime environment):-

The full name of JRE is java runtime environment. JRE is also called java runtime. JRE is a part of JDK (java development kit). It is a set of software tools for developing Java applications.

Java Runtime Environment Contains a set of class libraries and other files which are used by the JVM at runtime and it also contains the JVM itself.

If you want to run any Java program in the system, then you will have to install JRE.

JRE was developed by Sun Microsystems.

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