Elements of Statistics

In this page Elements of Statistics we give the information about Introduction to statistics and related all points and simple notes and solved example.

Unit 1: Elements of Statistics

Introduction to Statistics

1.1. Meaning of Statistics 1.2. Primary and Secondary data, Qualitative and quantitative data

Discrete and continuous data, frequency, cumulative frequency, frequency distribution

1.3 Representation of data by graphs: Histogram, frequency polygon, frequency curve, Ogive curve.

Representation of Statistical data by diagram: Bar diagram and Pie chart.

Elements of Statistics

Unit 2: Descriptive Statistics

2.1 Measures of central Tendency: Meaning of averages, Requirements
of good average.

Arithmetic mean (A.M.), Combined mean




Relation between mean, median and mode. Merits and Demerits of Mean, Median and Mode

determination of Median and Mode by Graph.

2.2 Measures of Dispersion: Meaning of dispersion, Absolute and Relative measures of dispersion




Variance and Combined variance

Coefficient of Variation (C.V.)

Unit 3: Analysis of Bivariate data

3.1 Correlation: Concept of Correlation, Types of correlation

Scattered diagram

Karl Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient (r)

Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient (R)

3.2 Regression: Concept of Regression, regression coefficients and
regression lines.

Properties of regression coefficients

Unit 4: Probability

4.1 Probability, addition law, multiplication law

4.2 Bayes’ theorem

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