Data Structure using C | Data structures concepts in C

In this page Data structure using c we give the information about concept of Data structure in C also provide syllabus for BCA Part II SEM-III with related simple notes for attached link.

Data Structure using C:

Unit I: Introduction to data structures

Introduction to Data Structures, Data structures and its types, Data structures operations, Advantages of Data Structure, Disadvantages of Data Structure, Characteristics of Data Structure.

Unit II: Sorting and Searching Methods

Introduction to Sorting:- Bubble Sort concept, algorithm, example and program

Insertion sort concept, algorithm, example and program.

Selection sort concept, algorithm, example and program.

Quick / Merge sort concept, algorithm, example and program.

Linear search concept, algorithm, example and program.

Binary search concept, algorithm, example and program. hashing concept

Unit III: Stacks and Queues

Stack using array | Operation on stack | Stack program in c

Application of stack: Prefix and Postfix, Expressions, Evaluation of postfix expression

Queue in data structure | Queue using array | Operation on queue | Applications of queue

Types of queue-

Linear Queue

Circular Queue.

Unit IV: Linked Lists and Trees

Introduction to linked lists, Implementation of Linked list, Type of linked list

Operations on Linked list, Operations on Linear singly Linked list

Operation on a linear doubly linked list

Circular singly linked list, Inserting and Deleting elements in Circular linked list.

Stack using linked list.

Queue using linked list

Trees : definition, terminologies, representation types

Binary Search tree | Binary Tree | Binary Tree in Data Structure

Tree Traversal- (Preorder, Inorder, Postorder)

Some More: DBMS/ WT/ DMDW