In this article Java vs CPP we give the information about C++ is a general purpose programming language which is an extended form of C language. Java is also a general purpose programming language that inherits many of the syntax of C and C++ programming languages.

Java vs CPP:-

Difference between C++ and Java

Comparison topic C++ Java
Object Oriented C++ is an object oriented programming language but it is not completely object oriented programming language because in it we can create programs even without class and object. Java is a Purely Object Oriented programming language because in it we cannot create any program without class and object.
Platform-Independent C++ is a platform dependent programming language because the code written in one computer cannot be run in another computer. Java is a Platform Independent programming language because we can run its byte code on any computer.
Goto Statement Goto statement is available in C++ programming language, which means C++ supports goto statement. Java does not support goto statement.
Operator Overloading C++ language supports operator overloading. Java language does not support operator overloading.
Compiler and Interpreter In C++ programming language only compiler is used, which means that in C++ language the program code is converted from source code to machine code by the compiler. Java language uses both Compiler and Interpreter. First of all the java program code (source code) is converted into byte code by the compiler, after that the interpreter converts that byte code into machine code which is executed in the machine.

Multiple Inheritance

C++ programming language supports multiple inheritance. Java language does not support multiple inheritance through classes. In Java language it is implemented through Multiple Inheritance Interface.
Pointer In C++ programming language you can write program code using Pointer. Pointer supports internally in Java language. Today, separate pointer programs cannot be written in Java language.
Structure and Union C++ programming language supports the concept of Structure and Union. Java programming language does not support the concept of structure and union.
Memory Allocation & Deallocation In C++ language, it is the responsibility of the programmer to allocate and deallocate memory. In Java, memory management is done by JVM, which means memory allocate and deallocate is automatic.
Access Specifier There are three access specifiers in C++: Public, Private and Protected. There are four access specifiers in Java: Public, Private, Protected and Default.
Header file The concept of Header File is available in C++. The concept of header file is not available in Java. In this, there is a package instead of header file.
Virtual Keyword In C++, Virtual Keyword is available to decide whether to override the method or not, which means C++ supports Virtual keyword. Virtual Keyword is not available in Java, in this we can override all non-static methods by default. Non-static methods are virtual by default.
Call by value and Call by reference In C++ both call by value and call by reference are supported. Java only supports call by value.
Destructor C++ supports Destructor which works to destroy memory. Java does not support Destructor because automatic garbage collection is available in it.

Java vs CPP:-

Key Differences Between C++ and Java

There are many other differences between C++ and Java. C++ is a general purpose programming language which is an extended form of C language. C++ language was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in Bell Labs. Which started developing in 1979. Initially its name was C with classes but in 1983 it was named C++.

Java is also a general purpose programming language that inherits many of the syntax of C and C++ programming languages. It was developed by Sun Microsystem which had three team members James Gosling, Patrick Naughton and Mike Sheridan. Java language was first released on 23 May 1995.

Virtual Keyword, Operator overloading, Friend keyword, Typedef Keyword are used in C++, whereas in Java all these keywords are not used, which means that Java does not support all the keywords.

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