Operating System

Operating System

Unit 1: Introduction of Operating System-

Definition, Objectives, Functions, Generations of OS

Types of OS

Batch, Multiprogramming, Time Sharing, Real time, Distributed, Personal, Mobile.

OS Structure – Monolithic, Layered Microkernel, Exokernel, and Client-Server.

Unit 2: Process Management –

Process Management- Introduction to Processes, Process Model

Process creation, Process termination, Process hierarchy, Process states.

Unit 3: Memory Management-

Memory Management- Introduction to memory management

Requirement: Relocation, Protection, Sharing, Logical Organization, Physical Organization.

Memory partitioning-

Fixed partitioning, Dynamic partitioning, Paging, Segmentation. Concept of Virtual Memory.

Unit 4: File System-

Files & File system, File structure, File types, File access, File attributes

Basic file operations.


Single-level & Hierarchical directory systems, Path names & Directory Operations

Differentiate between Windows and Linux OS.