Computer Fundamentals Notes | Computer Fundamentals Tutorial

In this article Computer Fundamentals Notes we give the detailed syllabus for Fundamentals of Computer BCA 1st Year also we give in detailed simple notes for proper points.

Computer Fundamentals notes for BCA:

Unit I: Introduction to Computers:

1.1 Introduction to computer Characteristics of Computers

1.2 Block diagram of computer

1.3 History of computers

1.4 Generations of computer

1.5 Applications of computer

1.6 Types of computers and features: Mini, micro, mainframe and super

1.7 Types of Programming Languages: Machine Languages, Assembly Languages and High-Level Languages.

Unit II: Peripheral Devices and Number Systems:

2.1 Types of Memory (Primary And Secondary) : RAM, ROM

2.2 Secondary Storage Devices ( FD, CD, HD, Pen drive )

2.3 I/O Devices

2.4 Number Systems: Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal, Conversion from one base to another

Unit III: Introduction to Software & Operating Environment:

3.1 Introduction to software

3.2 Types of software: System, Application and utilities.

3.3 Introduction to operating system, Types of O.S., Functions of O.S.

3.4 Files and Directories

3.5 Batch Files Windows Operating Environment

3.6 Features of Windows, Control Panel, Taskbar, Desktop, Windows Application, Icons,

3.7 Windows Accessories: Notepad and Paintbrush

IV Linux:

4.1 Introduction Linux, Features

4.2 Structure of Linux

4.3 File system

4.4 Linux Commands

4.5 Permission and inodes

4.6 I/O redirection, Pipes

4.7 VI Editor.

Some More: DBMS/ WT/ DMDW