In this article Joystick functions we give the information about Joysticks are often used to control video games and usually consist of one or more push buttons whose positions can be read by a computer.

A popular type of joystick used on modern video game consoles is the analog stick.

Uses of Joystick:

Uses of Joystick


  • Joystick is a type of input device which is used to control the game in the computer. That is, it is used to play games in the computer.
  • In other words, “A joystick is a pointing device that is used to move the cursor on a computer screen.”
  • It is a hardware device used to control the cursor in place of a mouse and keyboard.
  • A type of stick is used in a joystick, with the help of which the user can move the cursor in any direction.
  • The joystick was invented by C. B. Mirick (in the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory).
  • This device has buttons which help in controlling the game. This device can also be used in graphic applications.
  • Most joysticks come with software that helps the user understand the functions of the buttons.
  • To connect the joystick to the computer, a serial port or USB connection is used.
  • This stick is mostly used by gamers to play simulators and flying action games.
  • There are many types of joysticks which we can control with our different body parts. Like:- finger-operated joysticks (we can use it through fingers), hand operated (we can use it with hands), thumb-operated joysticks (with thumb) etc.
  • These sticks are also beneficial for disabled people as they are easier to use than a keyboard or mouse.

History of Joystick:

Joystick is a very old device, it was first created by Robert Esnault Pelterie in the 20th century. He was a French pilot. A two-button joystick operated with the help of electricity was made in Germany in 1944. The joystick used to play video games in computers was created by Ralph H Bear in 1972.

Element of Joystick:

There are following 8 main elements in joystick –

  1. Stick
  2. Base
  3. Trigger
  4. Extra Button
  5. Auto Fire Switch
  6. Throttle
  7. Hat Switch
  8. Suctions Cups

Types of Joystick:

There are many types of it which are mentioned below:-

1- Digital Joystick

It is a simple type of joystick which is used in most all computers. Digital joystick is also known as Atari-style. It is used in most home computers. It was first used in the “Atari 2600” video game.

2- Paddle controller

It is a controller device that is used to control the game. This is the oldest joystick consisting of a knob and a firing button. In olden times, it was used for video games in homes.

3- Analog joystick

Analog joystick includes the features of both digital and paddle joysticks, that is, analog joystick is made by mixing digital and paddle joysticks together. This joystick is used by the Amiga, Apple, and IBM PC.

4- PC analog

This is a modern joystick made by IBM. The PC analog joystick was introduced by IBM with its personal computer. A USB cable is used to connect it with the computer. It is very popular for gamers, in which there are many types of buttons to control the game.

Joystick functions:

Most of the joysticks work on three types of Motion. The functions of the joystick are as follows.

  • First forward
  • Second backward
  • Third side

And on the side, all these are seen like pan and zoom controls in one camera. And the pan motion given in it determines your directions. This is the reason due to which a joystick can be rotated in four directions: East, West, North and South. To control all these, it is very important to have a PAN. The joystick is made according to three dimensions; on the basis of this you can rotate it in all three dimensions while playing the game.

It is very easy to control the Joystick, a stick is found above the Joystick, you hold it with your fingers and with your thumb you control the above button.

Uses of Joystick:

Computer Joystick Ports:

1- Game port

The game port has 15 pins.  It was first found in 1981 on IBM computers. This port is also known as analog-to-digital port. This port is used by the user to connect devices like steering wheel, joystick, gamepad etc. It is also called joystick port, game port or game control adapter.

2- Bluetooth

It is a technology through which devices connect with computers wirelessly. Devices can communicate with each other through Bluetooth. Digital assistants, smartphones, computers, keyboards, and mice are devices that connect with other devices using Bluetooth.

3. Serial ports

This is a port that uses a DB-9 connector to connect the device to the computer. Serial port is used in serial data transmission. Apart from this, it is used to connect devices like modem, mouse or keyboard with the computer. Serial port can transfer up to 115 KB of data in a second.


It is a type of cable wire through which the computer can communicate with other devices. By using USB cable we can transfer data and files from one device to another.

Uses of Joystick:

Advantages of Joystick:

  • The weight of the joystick is very light due to which the user does not have to face problems in keeping it at any place.
  • It is a portable device which can be easily taken from one place to another.
  • It has one or more push buttons which can be easily controlled by the computer.
  • They are quite fast due to which the user is able to give commands to the computer at a faster speed.
  • These are very popular for gamers which help gamers to play games.
  • It is easy to navigate in it.

Disadvantages of Joystick:

  • Joysticks are not sturdy. They break easily if the user uses too much force.
  • If this device is used in excess then pain starts in the arms.
  • These are not compatible with all operating systems.

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