In this article Types of Light Pen we give the information about Light pen is an input device that works like a mouse, just as a mouse is used on a computer screen, in the same way a light pen is also used.

Light pen

Types of Light Pen

Light pen is a type of input device that is used to select text on the computer screen, open programs and draw pictures.

In other words, “Light pen is an input device that works like a mouse, just as a mouse is used on a computer screen, in the same way a light pen is also used.”

Light Pen is a pointing device shaped like a pen. This pen is clicked by touching the screen, this work is done in the same way as we click by moving the mouse on the screen.

There is a button in the light pen which when pressed starts the pen, after which the user can give commands or instructions to the computer using this pen.

In today’s time Light Pen is not used because now touch screen is used in its place.

The first light pen was invented by Ben Gurly in 1959.

Applications of Light Pen: 

Light Pen is used to perform many tasks: –

1- Light pen is used to highlight text and images so that the user can see them easily.

2- It is used to create pictures on the computer screen.

3- It helps to select the text that appears on the computer screen and open the program.

4- Light pen is used as a locator.

5- This pen is used to edit the text.

Types of Light Pen

There are four types of light pen:-

1- LED Light Pen

LED Light Pen is a type of light pen which emits a bright light while using it. This light provides a good user experience.

2- Design Light Pen

Design Light Pens are used by illustrators to create drawings or designs on a computer screen. By this the user can draw pictures on the screen as per his wish.

3- Battery Light Pen

This is a modern light pen in which batteries are used. This battery provides energy to run the pen. Its battery lasts for a very long time.

4- Corded Light Pen

This is the oldest light pen, it is used for scanning. A cord (rope) is used in this pen.

Advantages of Light Pen:

Its advantages are given below:-

1- User Experience

Light pen provides better user experience as compared to mouse. Because through this the user can directly interact with the computer screen.

2- Accurate

This pen selects things with accuracy. User can easily select programs, applications on the screen.

3- Easy to design

The light pen allows the user to draw pictures and graphics on the screen, whereas the mouse does not have this feature. With the help of Light Pen, the user can do digital painting on the screen or monitor and show his creativity.

4- Need Less Space

The size of the light pen is small, due to which it does not require much space to keep it.


It is a portable device which can be easily carried anywhere.


The speed of the light pen is very good, which works on the computer screen at a fast speed.

7- Price

Its cost is very less. It is available cheaply.

8- Availability

It is easily available in the market.

Disadvantages of Light Pen:

Its disadvantages are given below:-

1- Light pen cannot be used in LCD monitor.

2- Light pen does not have high resolution for 3D printing.

3- While using this pen, there may be a strain in the wrist.

4- This pen cannot be used in all types of monitors. It works in monitors like CRT and LED.

Features of Light Pen:

It has the following characteristics which are mentioned below:-


The size of the light pen is very small due to which it can be carried anywhere.


Its structure is exactly like a writing pen.

3- Weight

Because it is very small in size, due to which the weight of this pen is very light.

4- Pointing device

A light pen is a pointing device used to select objects on a screen.

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