In this article Types of Computer Notes we give the information about there are mainly nine types of computers. Microcomputer is a very small computer in which microprocessor is used instead of CPU. That is, its CPU is made of microprocessor.

Types of Computer Notes:

There are mainly 9 types of computers which are given below:-

  1. Micro Computer
  2. Mini Computer
  3. Mainframe Computer
  4. Analog Computer
  5. Digital Computer
  6. Hybrid Computer
  7. Super Computer
  8. Workstation
  9. PC

Micro Computer

A microcomputer is a small computer that can be used by only one person at a time.

In other words, “Microcomputer is a very small computer in which microprocessor is used instead of CPU. That is, its CPU is made of microprocessor.

The size of this computer is much smaller than mini and mainframe computers.

Microcomputers are light in weight and their price is also very low.

It is a multitasking computer, that is, in it we can do many tasks at a time like using internet, working in word and listening to songs etc.

The first microcomputer was manufactured in the 1970s.

This computer is used in home appliances like:- Microwave, TV, Refrigerator etc.

The world’s first microcomputer was named Microcomputer, which was built using the Intel 8008 microprocessor.

Examples of microcomputer –

  • Smart watch
  • Laptop
  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Smart phone

Features of microcomputer

  1. Its size is quite small. Therefore it can be easily taken anywhere.
  2. It can be purchased easily. Because their price is very low.
  3. It can be used by only one person.
  4. Semiconductor chip is used in it.
  5. Different types of software can be run in it.

Types of Computer Notes:


Minicomputer is a special type of computer whose size is neither too small nor too big. That is, this computer is bigger than a microcomputer but smaller than a mainframe computer.

In other words, “A mini computer is a medium-sized computer that includes all the features of a normal computer.”

Minicomputer is a multi-user computer, this means that it can be used by many users at the same time.

It is also a multi-tasking computer, which means that we can do more than one task at a time.

It is more powerful than micro computer but it is less powerful than mainframe and supercomputer.

Minicomputers were developed by IBM (International Business Machines) in the 1960s.

It is a multiprocessing computer in which 2 or more processors are used.

Examples of mini computers –

  • IBM AS/400
  • Honeywell 200
  • Motorola 68040
  • MV 1500

Features of mini computer

  1. Mini computers are very light due to which they can be taken anywhere.
  2. It is less expensive than mainframe computers. That means they are cheap.
  3. It performs tasks at a very fast speed.
  4. Once charged it lasts for a long time.
  5. This computer supports 4 to 200 users at a time.

Mainframe Computer

Mainframe computer is a special type of computer whose size is very large and a large amount of data can be stored in it.

It is a very powerful computer, its size and functionality is more than mini and micro computers.

Many microprocessors are used in mainframe computers; hence the speed of processing data in it is very high.

Mainframe computer is a multi-user computer, so it can be used by more than one user at a time.

It was developed by IBM (International Business Model) in the 1950s.

It is used to store large amounts of data in big companies and government offices.

The biggest specialty of a mainframe computer is that it can work 24 hours a day without stopping.

Examples of mainframe computers –

  • IBM zSeries
  • System z9
  • System z10
  • ICL 39
  • CDC Cyber

Features of mainframe

  1. Mainframe computers are quite expensive.
  2. Its performance is quite good.
  3. Their storage capacity is high. That is, it can store very large amounts of data.
  4. It is reliable and lasts for a long time.
  5. In mainframe computers, the possibility of error occurring during the process is very less. If an error occurs due to any reason, it corrects it immediately without affecting the performance.

Analog computer

Analog computer is a special type of computer that is used to process analog data.

In other words, “Analog computer is a computer which is used to measure physical quantities. It is used to measure electric current, frequency and resistance.

In simple words, “The computer by which physical quantities are measured is called analog computer. Physical quantities are temperature, pressure, speed, length and breadth etc.

We use analog computers in daily life in devices like refrigerator, speedometer. Apart from this, they are also used in airplanes and submarines.

Analog computers are used in petrol pumps, in scientific work, and in telephone lines etc.

Examples of analog computer –

  • Speedometer – It is an analog computer which is used to measure the speed of the car.
  • Auto Gasoline Pump – It calculates the quantity of petrol and along with it also calculates the price of petrol.
  • Thermometer – This is also an analog computer which is used in the hospital to measure the temperature of the patient.

Features of analog computer

  1. It allows computers to perform calculations without the help of transducers.
  2. Many values ​​can be calculated simultaneously.
  3. The working speed of analog computers is very slow.
  4. Analog computers are mostly mechanical or electrical machines that can perform operations such as addition, multiplication, subtraction and division.

Types of Computer Notes:

Digital computer

Computers that work on binary numbers (0 and 1) are called digital computers.

Digital computer uses binary numbers (0, 1) to do any work because this computer understands only digits i.e. 0 and 1.

Digital computers have storage devices through which they are capable of storing large amounts of data. Their processing speed is also very fast and they are also used in daily life.

The first digital computer was developed in the 1940s. Then it was developed only for doing mathematical work.

In today’s time, it is not only used to do mathematical work but it is used to do many other tasks.

Examples of digital computer –

  • Apple Mac
  • Calculator
  • IBM PC
  • Digital Clock

Features of digital computer

  1. We can store large amounts of information in digital computers.
  2. It can retrieve the stored data as per requirement.
  3. These are not very expensive.
  4. It completes tasks at a fast pace.
  5. In this the data is processed in digital form.
  6. It is multi-tasking, that is, in this we can do many tasks simultaneously at one time.

Hybrid Computer

A hybrid computer is a computer that combines features of both analog and digital computers.

In other words, “Hybrid computer is a computer which has been made by mixing analog and digital computers together. Hybrid computers have the functionality of both these computers.”

Its computers are used to perform very difficult calculations.

Hybrid computers receive analog data and convert them into digital data before processing them. In simple words, hybrid computer works to convert analog data into digital data.

This computer is used in petrol pumps, airplanes, hospitals and scientific works.

Examples of hybrid computers –

  • Speedometer – It is a hybrid computer which is used to measure the speed of the car.
  • Thermometer – This is also a hybrid computer which is used in the hospital to measure the temperature of the patient.
  • Auto Gasoline Pump – It calculates the quantity of petrol and along with it it also calculates the price of petrol.

Features of hybrid computer

  1. Hybrid computers are very fast and perform calculations at high speed.
  2. It shows accurate results to the user.
  3. It is capable of solving large equations.
  4. It helps in processing online data.

Super computer

Supercomputers are the largest in size. These are very fast computers which complete their tasks in a very short time.

Supercomputers are used to process large amounts of data.

These computers are very modern and are used to perform special types of tasks.

These are the most powerful computers in the world. The speed of supercomputers is measured in FLOPS (Floating Point Operation per Second).

It can process billions of instructions in a second. In this computer, thousands of processors are connected together, due to which the working speed of this computer increases.

Supercomputers are also used for scientific and engineering related work like:- Weather Forecasting, and nuclear energy research etc.

The first supercomputer was developed by Roger Cray in 1976. This computer is also used for medical tests.

Examples of supercomputer –

  • Param 8000 (India’s first supercomputer)
  • IBM Summit
  • Sunway TaihuLight
  • NUDT Tianhe-2
  • Cray HPE Trinity

Features of supercomputer

  1. This computer is of very large size.
  2. These are very expensive computers.
  3. The working speed of supercomputer is very fast.
  4. It is capable of doing trillions of calculations in a second.
  5. Password can be decrypted to increase the security of supercomputer.
  6. It is used to test nuclear weapons.

Types of Computer Notes:


A workstation computer is a special type of computer that has more processing power than a normal computer. You can do more with a workstation than you can with a normal computer.

The workstation has a fast microprocessor, a large amount of RAM and a high-speed graphics adapter that increases the speed of work.

It is a single user computer invented for workstation technology and scientific applications. It performs its tasks with great accuracy.

A workstation can handle demanding tasks like video editing, playing games in high graphics, and 3D animation.

Examples of Workstation

  • Unix-based Sun
  • Compaq
  • SGI Workstation

Workstation Features

  1. Workstations are quite expensive.
  2. It is used to complete complex tasks.
  3. It provides better graphics than normal computers.
  4. Their storage capacity is also very high.

Types of Computer Notes:

PC (Personal Computer)

A personal computer is a small and inexpensive computer that can be used by only one person at a time.

This computer is built to perform common tasks. It serves personal purposes like completing assignments, watching movies, or doing office work etc.

This computer consists of a central processing unit (CPU), memory, input unit and output unit.

Personal computer is also called microcomputer.

Examples of personal computer –

  • Desktop
  • Notebook
  • Tablet
  • Smart phone

Features of personal computer

  1. A limited number of software can be used in a personal computer.
  2. Its size is quite small.
  3. It is designed for personal use.
  4. It is quite easy to use.
  5. It is also quite easy to learn.

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