In this article History of C Language we give the information about History of C Language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at Bell Laboratories of AT&T.

History of C Programming:  

In earlier times, every programming language was created to fulfill one or the other purpose, such as Forton (Formula Translator) was created to make Scientific and Mathematical Applications.

Similarly, COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language) Business Application was created to create.

A similar C language was originally created to make the UNIX operating system.

C Language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at Bell Laboratories of AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph).

‘C’ is currently the first or second most popular programming language. This language is supports extensively on various software platforms.

Ken Thompson whoever was working on Project Multics created a file system. He used the knowledge gained from the Multics project to further improve this file system.

When Ken Thompson completed the work of that system, he named the system Unix, the entire code of this system was written in Assembly Language.

B Language:

Ken Thompson created UNIX with the help of B Language, B Language was created by Ken Thompson in 1970 by improving the language BCPL created by Martin Richards a little more, so Ken Thompson named his language in honor of Martin Richards. Placed B Language.

The biggest drawback of B Language was that there was no concept of “Data Types”, everything was expressed in machine language and B Language did not provide the functionality of “Structure”.

Dennis Ritchie created C Language in 1972, removing all these shortcomings of B Language, Dennis Ritchie added some more features in C Language along with removing the shortcomings of B Language.

C Language was a powerful blend of high level functionality and operating system building features. Therefore, many components of Unix were re-written in C language.

History of C Programming:  

Sr. No.

Language Name Year Developed by
1 ALGOL 1960

International Group


BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Language) 1967 Martin Richards
3 B 1970

Ken Thompson


C 1972

Dennis Ritchie

Features of C Language:

C language is a structured programming language.

Also, C is powerful, flexible, Portable, Robust and Structured programming language.

C Programming compilation approach is top to bottom.

C programming is also known as POP (Procedure Oriented Programming)

Rich Library

C Language provides many inbuilt functions that make development faster.

Memory Management

Also C language supports the advantages of dynamic memory allocation.


The compilation and execution time of C Language is faster because it has fewer inbuilt functions and therefore less overhead.


C provides language pointers. We can directly interact with memory using pointers. We can use pointers for memory, structures, functions, arrays etc.


In C Language we can call a function within a function. This provides re-usability to the code for each function. Recursion enables us to use the backtracking approach.


C language is extensible that is it can easily adopt new features.

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