Privacy Policy :

     This privacy policy statement declare here we collected the information from which sources and how to develop and to manage user personal information.

The information we collect :

     In this blog we display information on our way for educational matter, the all information noted with own experience and own study. Also all the information given in this blog is based on the educational taken till date. The all information collected from user are legally gives from mail id and contact with us legally with mail id only.
How we give this information :
      The all information display in that blog is only use for educational factor and also discuss new basic Maths concept and user information we use as per google norm with email containing only.
Who we share information with :
      We share our all information with aim to recover Maths based concept to students. We sharing only basic concept of Maths. We do not share violating information in that blog.

General :

This blog work for basic Maths concept and they also declare here we provide only a filtered information here. Also provide different methods to mathematical examples. new formulae have been provided to solve the different types of examples.
The all information is write and share with user on our own way, we do not display violating and copy information from other third party entries. All information are pure and safe for user. And we contact with user as per feedback from the all information of user is in safe mode in electronic data formation. That all information stored electronically and paper work formation safe zone.
Here we declare in our blog all information used own experience and study, that all information not be copied from any third blog or websites from internet. That all information is important and meaning full to user for explore own Maths concept.
We notify in about us and contact us pages our own information about our blog and our contact number to user.

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