DOT NET Technology Tutorial | ASP.NET Tutorial for Beginners

In this page Dot net technology tutorial we give the syllabus for Dot net technology such as Introduction to .net framework, C# Basics, ASP.NET Tutorial for Beginners and ADO.NET.

DOT NET Technology Tutorial:

Unit I: Introduction to .NET Framework

1.1. Overview of .NET

1.2. Features of .NET

1.3. Managed and unmanaged code

1.4. Meta Data

1.5. .NET types and .NET object and name spaces

1.6. Architecture of DOT NET Framework: CLR, CTS, MSIL, JIT, CLS, FCL

1.7. Types of JIT

1.8 Visual studio .NET IDE

Unit II: C# Basics

2.1 Introduction to C#

2.2 Entry point method, command line arguments

2.3 Different valid forms of main()

2.4. Difference between .Exe and .DLL

2.5 Parameter Passing mechanism, Out parameter

2.6 Data types

2.7 Type Casting, Boxing & Unboxing

2.8 Partial class and implementation

2.9 Control structures


3.1. Asp.Net Server controls

3.2. Web form lifecycle

3.3.Validtion controls

3.4. Navigation controls

3.5 Response.redirect, server.response

3.6 Cross page posting

3.7 State Management

Unit 4: ADO.NET

4.1 Data Controls in ASP.Net

4.2 ADO.Net Classes-Connection, Command, DataReader, DataAdapter,Dataset

4.3 Connected and Disconnected architecture

4.4 Data binding using

4.5 Report generation, simple and parameterized reports

Some More: DBMS/ WT/ DMDW