Core Java Programming | BCA Part III | SEM-VI | What is Java

In this article Core Java Programming we give the detailed syllabus for Java programming BCA Part III SEM-VI. also we give simple notes for detailed points with proper link.

Core Java Programming:

Unit- 1- Java Fundamentals 

Unit-2- Inheritance, Polymorphism and Encapsulation

Unit-3- Package, Multithreading and Exception Handling 

Unit- 4- AWT,SWING (JFC)

  • Introduction to Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT)
  • Event-Delegation Model
  • Listeners, Layouts, Individual Components Label
  • Button, Check Box, Radio Button
  • Introduction Diff B/W AWT and SWING,
  • Components hierarchy, Panes
  • Individual Swings components
  • J Label, JButton, JText Field, JTextArea

What is JAVA:

The Java is an Object-Oriented programming language, also known as High level language. Which is used to create software for multiple platforms. Java was developed by Sun Micro-systems with James Gosling being the most head and along with Patrick Naughton and Mike Sheridan also contributed to Java development.

The Java was initially named Oak, but it was changed to Java in 1995. The motive behind designing Java programming language was to make this language simple and portable. Java language is very similar to C and C ++ language. If you already know about C and C ++, then learning JAVA is very easy for you. The syntax of C and C ++ language is also used in Java.

The Java language is the most secure language, so this language is used in web development as well as this language is used to develop software or apps for almost all devices, such as in developing applications for mobile devices, TV remote , To manage the washing machine, etc.