BCA Syllabus Shivaji University | BCA C Programming Syllabus

In this article BCA Syllabus Shivaji University we give information about BCA C Programming Syllabus for BCA 1st year SEM-I  syllabus in detailed with simple notes.

BCA Syllabus Shivaji University:

Procedure Oriented Programming:-

Unit I:- Basics of C Programming   

Problem definition, problem analysis

Algorithms:- Definition, Characteristics, Advantages and Disadvantages.

Algorithm Examples | Algorithm Simple Example | Factorial Algorithm

Flow chart:- Definition, Symbols, Advantages and Disadvantages and Types of errors in programming.

Flowchart Examples | Flowchart in C Programming | Factorial Flowchart

History of C Programming.

C Program Structure with The First ‘c’ Program

Keywords, Identifiers, Constant, C Tokens and Types of Constants. 

Define Variable, Initialize and Declare Variables in C , Data Types in C.

Operators in C Programming:-

Managing Input/output Statement:-

Branching Statements –

Unit II:- Control Statements and Array  

Definition of Loop, Types of looping statement. While Loop.

Do- – – While Loop

While and Do While Difference | Difference Between While and Do While

For Loop.

Definition and declaration of array, Features of Array, Types of Arrays, Initialization of array, Memory representation of array.

Predefined String functions.

Unit III:- User Defined Functions and Pointer  

User defined functions: Definition, declaration, prototype of function, Types of function in C, Library function in C.

Types of Variable: Local and global variable

Recursive Function in C | Recursion Program in C | Recursion Advantages

Storage classes in C | Explain storage classes in C

Pointers in C language | Pointer definition in C | Pointer in C example

Pointers And Arrays: – Pointers and One dimensional Arrays

Call by value and call by reference

Dynamic Memory Allocation

Unit IV:- Structures, Union and File Handling

Definition and declaration of structure, Nested Structure

Array of Structure and Array within Structure

Definition and declaration of union, Difference between Structure and Union

File Handling:

Concept of File ,Text and binary mode files, Opening and closing, Files-fopen() and fclose(),  File opening mode- read, write, append ,reading and writing

File Handling Functions:-

fputc(), fputs(), fgetc(), fprintf(), fscanf()

fseek(), getw() and putw(), ftell(), rewind()

Some More: DBMS/ WT/ DMDW

All Simple, Conditional, Looping, Array and String Based Programs:-